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Name:Víðar Óðinnson
Birthdate:Mar 8
God of Vengeance, Spirit of the Wild, Silent One, Avenging As

He stands about 6'6", weighing in somewhere around 220 pounds, with blond hair and light eyes. It's generally acknowledged he's pretty good looking. His modern taste in clothing tends toward t-shirts, leather and plaid.

Vidar is normally a gentle individual, controlled and quiet in his dealings with animals, and slightly more abrasive when interacting with people. He likes humans but, as a partial personification of the Wild, he feels animals need his protection more. His sense of humor tends to be subtle, sometimes snarky, but he also has a streak of naivety from several thousand years of solitude in Asgard before arriving in the mortal world.

Affinities for extreme climates, water, forests; limited influence over the weather; foresight (prophecy, oracular, clairvoyance); knowledge of the ages; exceptional hearing, speed, endurance, strength on par with Thor; flight; and general 'god' abilities such as healing, granting prayers, cursing, etc. Vidar is also considered an unofficial patron of cobblers, due to the boot he travels with.

Víðar is the Æsir god of vengeance and the formidable silence of nature. As the son of Odin and the jötunn Gríðr, he is destined to avenge his father's death by killing the wolf Fenrir at Ragnarök, and survive to rule the world in Odin's place. Known as the second strongest of the gods (just behind Thor), Vidar is reasonably laid back, and willing to jump in and aid family and friends when needed.

His home is Landvidi (the wide land), a palace decorated with greenery and blooming flowers, situated in the midst of an impenetrable primeval forest. Now dividing his time between the realms, Vidar has undertaken a search for knowledge of human customs and interaction - spending nearly four millenia alone has left him somewhat unprepared for the modern world. He's a little more chatty these days, though frequently willing to fall back on a taciturn personality, and roams the earth at his own discretion.

vidar is from norse mythology. typist and muse over 21.
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